Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New House Mouse

I just recently bought a few House Mouse stamps from a lady on Craigslist, gotta love that place. Right after getting my stamps I just had to give them a try and decided this little guy was the one I wanted to ink first.

I do not remember where the paper is from, have had it for several years and the same with the ribbon across the top.
This card is a bit different for me. Using the black and white with just the ribbon, word and grass below his feet for the only color in the card. All in all, I believe this came out cute. Our little guy here looks like he is daring you to believe.


Danni said...

That paper is so neat!! Great card!

Netta said...

I love the black and green. He has such cute body language...almost like I dare you! he is cute. another great card Kim