Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Boy At School

I have been asked about the little boy at school that hurt his arm yesterday.

Unfortunately, we had not heard anything by the time I had left. A message

had been left with mom had home, but no return call by 2:30 PST. Which is

not a good sign, there was a younger child in the home, so wherever mom is,

which may have been back at the hospital, all children are with her. I am just

afraid that this child was kept in the hospital last night so the arm could be


I also want to Thank everyone for the comments on my cards. I truly enjoy

making them. Have no idea what is in store this evening, but we'll see. Might

even try an ATC this evening. Haven't tried a lot of these, only 3 to be exact.

Here is the very first one I made last October. They are fun and addicting.
This is an ATC I made before Halloween last year.

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