Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a Day

I am so glad this day is over. We had quite a bit of excitement at the school this afternoon, and not the enjoyable type. Had a little 7 year old boy fall during his lunch recess. Come to find out he did quite a number on his arm. We ended up having to call the paramedics, as we didn't think mom would do what was necessary for the child. It took her an almost an hour to get to the school after she was originally called the her son had been hurt. So decisions were taken out of her hands and we were able to get the medical treatment that the child needed. When his shirt sleeve was cut away, the principal and myself, who had been tending to this child were absolutely shocked. It looked like the ulna bone was somehow separated from the elbow joint. But of course not being a doctor, who knows for sure, but paramedics even told the child he had 'done a job' on his arm. Hopefully we will find out more tomorrow on him.

I would like to thank everyone for the comments on the card. And thank everyone for the comments, I am so new to blogging and it really was a treat to come home from work and see all the comments left.
I hope to have another card to post later this evening. I have a pretty red & white Valentine card on my table right now.

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Danni said...

Oh my! I'm sorry it was a trying day. No fun to see anyone get hurt, let alone a child. Hugs!